Toshiba launch Libretto W100 dual-touch screen netbook

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Toshiba Libretto.jpgThe Courier is dead; long live Toshiba’s Libretto W100! With Microsoft’s device now no-more than a memory of a dream, enter Toshiba’s own dual-touchscreen wielding netbook to fill the gap it’s left.

Running Windows Home 7 Premium, it features two 7-inch screens. They can be used to have apps open in both (and we’d suspect dual-page ebooks eventually too), or to use one for an onscreen keyboard. Around 31mm in thickness, it’s powered by an Intel Pentium U5400 processor.

Elsewhere there is 62GB of solid state memory, N-standard Wi-fi, 2GB of DDR3 RAM, 3G support, a microSD card slot, webcam and a 3.5 hour battery life.

No pricing yet, but this intriguing device should be out by the summer’s end.

Gerald Lynch
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