PlayStation Move UK pricing revealed

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playstation move.jpgPlayStation Move, Sony’s motion-sensing controller for the PS3 has now been priced and dated for its UK release. Set for release on September 17th, you’re going to have to be prepared to splash out on a few different items for the entire PlayStation Move experience to work.

The PlayStation Move wand controller itself will cost £34.99, but you’ll also have to have a PlayStation Eye camera to work alongside it, costing £24.99. A PlayStation Move bundle with both periperhals included and a handful of games (Blocks, Echochrome 2 and Beat The Sketcher) will also be available, priced £49.99.

The PlayStation Move sub-controller, necessary for games that require two-handed gestures, will cost a further £24.99. It could all end up a bit like the Wii launch, with Mums and Dads mixing up their kids’ birthday presents by buying two nunchucks and no remote.

So you’re looking at around £75 all in for one player to get going with PlayStation move, let alone if you want some multiplayer action. Still, it’s no more expensive than Microsoft’s Kinect kit seems to be, currently rumoured to be priced at around $149.99.

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  • Everywhere I’ve looked it’s £40 and £30. I was expecting £35 and £20 but, no such luck :(. Where’s it listed for £35?
    And imo, big mistake. Yeah yeah, it’s great and all that but, the Wii, the “cheapest” console, once you go multiplayer – how it’s promoted to be, it gets very expensive very quickly and, even though I’d love the Move, my partner would have to have the stuff as well, so i dont think we’ll be getting it :(.

  • I am eagerly waiting for its release on September 17th. I hope its price suits my pocket.

  • I kind of figured thats the price they would do. To get some extra money out of us brits. But has taken it a step furthur. Instead of it being £35 wand it’s £40! and the navigation controller is £30 instead of £25 even though it should be about £20.20 when i used a currency calculator.

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