O2 axe unlimited data plans ahead of iPhone 4 launch

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Here’s a story that’s sure to horrify anyone planning on grabbing an iPhone 4 through O2. The network have just announced a trio of new mobile data plans which will see them effectively axe unlimited data tariffs for the handset.

From June 24th, the day of the iPhone 4’s release, O2 will launch three inclusive data bundles for new customers or those looking to upgrade to the latest Apple unit. And they won’t come cheap; a 24 month contract at £25 per month gets you 500MB of data, £40 grabs you 750MB, while it’ll cost a whopping £60 to get 1GB.

Existing unlimited contract customers who aren’t looking to upgrade their handsets will not be affected by the move. Or at least not initially it would seem. From October 1st they’ll be able to buy O2 Bolt Ons; 500MB for a fiver, or a gigabyte for £10.

Keep in mind that you’ll need a new microSIM for the iPhone 4, so if you’re planning on sticking with O2 for your next Apple fix, unlimited data is a certain no-no.

The O2 press release tries to justify the move by stating the average user only consumes about 200MB of data a month, meaning the changes wouldn’t affect 97% of their customers. That will come as small consolation however to those who do plenty of streaming with TV catch-up services or music through the likes of Spotify.

Looks like Three choose the perfect day to announce they are entering the iPhone 4 network race then…

Gerald Lynch
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