Mirasol displays to feature in colour e-readers by Christmas?

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Mirasol, the company behind the impressive MEM-based reflective colour displays, have revealed at a San Diego demo event that they plan to have their screens in e-readers by 2010 and even tablet devices by 2013.

Mirasol can now build the screen to fit any specification, using only 1mW of power compared to the 100-700mW of an AMOLED, which is great news for battery life.

“Activity will come from the e-reader sector first,” said Cheryl Goodman, director of marketing, Qualcomm MEMS Technologies. “We are working towards the end of the year, beginning of next, and with multiple vendors.”

Goodman wouldn’t commit to saying which companies are to adopt the Mirasol tech, but did tease that “multiple deals are in the queue.”

The Mirasol displays we’ve seen were very easy on the eye. It wouldn’t be much of a stretch to imagine them in a Nook or Kindle, and if they are to continue to compete with the wave of tablets hitting the market, colour screens and video content are a must have.

Via: Pocket Lint

Gerald Lynch
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