How To: Watch the World Cup on a PC, iPad, iPhone or Android handset

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World Cup season is upon us once again! Every four years we all go crazy watching 22 men kick about a leather sphere, make heroes of goal-scoring stars and endure heartbreak when we get knocked out. And we love it! Except for the heartbreak bit of course.

Still, if there’s only one thing worse than going out in the final on penalties, it’s missing the game altogether because you can’t get near a TV.

But fear not! There a loads of ways to watch the World Cup online these days, using all sorts of different devices. Mobiles, tablets and PCs, there’s a way to watch the matches on pretty much anything that has a screen these days!

So here’s Tech Digest’s quick guide on how to watch the World Cup on a PC, iPad, iPhone or Android handset.

Click through below to get to the device you’re after.

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