Any takers for a £25 laptop, anyone?

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I’ve heard of being on a budget, but this takes the biscuit – a fully functioning laptop listed on eBay for $37 (£24.70).

The machine in question is a 7 inch Wi-Fi netbook running Windows CE. It features a 300MHz ARM processor, 128MB RAM and 2GB of storage. The screen itself has a max resolution of 800 x 480, two USB ports, an SD slot, Ethernet port and a 9 volt adapter.

It’s put together using parts that are either seconds or haven’t quite met quality control standards. Plugging it into your wall socket may be a bit like tech-Russian Roulette, but who’s complaining for just over a score?

Could be a good buy for someone looking to get handy with a soldering iron kit, or for mods and custom jobs perhaps? If you’re interested, check out the listing here.

Gerald Lynch
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