Video: Sony showcase futuristic "rollable" OLED tech

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Now THIS is cool. Sony have released a video showcasing brand new OLED tech. We’re used to seeing super-slim OLED screens by now, but how about a screen you can roll-up and store away when not in use?

Sony describes it as “the world’s first OLED panel which is capable of reproducing moving images while being repeatedly rolled-up”. The display is built with organic thin-film transistors (OTFTs) that have an original organic semiconductor material that gives it eight times the current modulation of the OTFTs presently around.

Taking advantage of all the previous advancements in OLED technology, the 4.1 inch, 121 ppi display uses a 20 μm thin flexible substrate to get the job done.

It’s definitely some way off from being commercial tech, but it sure does look exciting. Sony will be showing off more of the display at the Society for Information Display conference in Seattle tomorrow. We’ll let you know if anything as crazy-cool as this turns up then.

Take a look at the video above and start believing that we’re living in yesterday’s future today. Or something.

Gerald Lynch
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