Twitter button headed to BBC iPlayer?

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bbc iplayer thumb 1.jpgThe BBC are said to be introducing a new feature to their iPlayer TV catch-up service called “I Recommend” which would allow users to comment on and recommend their favourite shows to other users through Twitter integration.

Though the BBC have strongly denied that they plan to take their web content into a more socially driven direction, the integration of Twitter into the iPlayer has been on the cards since BBC technology boss Erik Huggers noted an annual 3,000% growth in micro-blogging at BAFTA’s C21 Future Media Conference.

This one will get interesting for anyone with international friends on their Twitter lists. It looks as though you’ll be able to recommend programmes to them, but unless they are a UK resident, all you’ll really be doing is gloating as they wont have access to the shows!

No word yet on if or when the Twitter feature will see the light of day, but we’ll keep you posted.

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