Still not convinced? Five more compelling reasons to buy an iPad

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There are some people who say that there is no real reason to buy an iPad as all the core things it does are covered by laptops, smartphones, games consoles and ereaders. Well I say that those people are somewhat lacking in imagination. Here then are five definitive roles that an iPad can play in your life

1 It is the ultimate toilet gadget
– Yes this is the gadget that men who enjoying prolonged sessions on the old seat have been waiting for. It is easy to hold and is ideal for a quick bit of web browsing or gaming to distract your mind while the rest of your body focuses on something else. The wipe clean screen could prove to be a bonus here too.

Accessory opportunity – All we need now is the iPad toilet roll holder – surely one of the accessory makers is working on that now?

2 It is perfect for watching video in bed –
Your laptop doesn’t work that well in bed and your smartphone’s screen is too small. The iPad is perfect especially if you arch your legs so it can rest against them. It is even more of a useful gadget now that the BBC iPlayer is available on the iPad.

Accessory opportunity – How about an iPad lap tray – you can then have breakfast in bed while watching the iPad which is on a stand integrated into the tray.

3 You need never talk to your children again – It might be a bit pricey but the iPad is brilliant for kids. They instantly get touch screen, will very quickly get addicted to Paper Toss and can do all manner of creative things using Adobe’s Ideas. The long battery life coupled with its superb video performance means that it is the business for keeping kids quiet on long car journeys.

Accessory opportunity – Plenty. Disney Princess themed cases anyone?

4 It is the only gadget you need to take on a plane – Forget the rubbish in-flight entertainment with the iPad you can watch your own movies, listen to music, read mags you have downloaded, play games and shedloads more. They’ll be dolling them out in first class flights very soon.

Accessory opportunity – Well not so much an accessory but a gimmick. How about a free iPad with every long haul flight BA? That’ll get the punters back.

5 It is the ultimate camping gadget – Who wants to sit around a campfire singing Ging Gang Goolie, when you can be tracking the stars and planets using GoSkyWatch or working out your route using one of the many GPS add-ons we’ll be seeing shortly.

Accessory opportunity – A direct to Nandos navigation app would be perfect for when the outdoor life gets too much.

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  • It doesn’t matter to me how many arguments he give to buy iPad, I am not gonna buy it until its price suits my pocket.

  • It’s the perfect ebook reader (I’ve already read about ten books on my iPhone) As my eyesight is getting worse it is so much easier to read backlit text! (Refuse to wear glasses!

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