Second iPhone 4G found in Vietnam

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Taoviet iphone.JPGiPhone 4Gs are like buses; you wait ages for one then two come along at once! Yet another iPhone 4G has purportedly been found by Vietnamese website Taoviet.

The pictures definitely look convincing – or at least as convincing as the unit found last month by Gizmodo. Taoviet believe they have got a 16GB version of the handset, with the XXGB place-holders present on the Gizmodo handset now gone.

Also missing are the unsightly screws that had many readers raising their eyebrows when the first prototype iPhone 4G was uncovered. Beneath the hood is an Apple-branded processor, much like that which is present in the iPad.

Real or fake? We may never know. There is no word on whether Apple have requested the unit back or not yet, which would be a good indication of its validity.

Either way, WWDC takes place on June 7th, where we expect many of these unanswered questions to be covered by Steve Jobs and co.

Via: Taoviet

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  • I am planning on getting the iphone when it comes out. I would like to know a few things about it. What are the pros and cons of getting it? Anything would be helpful!


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