Samsung C3300K Champ budget phone revealed

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Samsung Champ.jpgSamsung are being pretty generous with their budget handset offerings of late. First their was the Android Galaxy 5, and now this, the Samsung Champ. While it doesn’t feature Google’s nifty OS, it does offer a decent touchscreen on the cheap if you’re watching the pennies.

That touchscreen is a 2.4 inch number, running the TouchWiz Lite UI. It’ll give a 3×3 widget menu on the 240×320 QVGA screen. If that sounds a bit pokey, the phone features an embedded stylus to help navigate it if you weren’t blessed with skeletal fingers.

The C3300K Champ also features a 1.3 megapixel camera, and can playback QCIF, MPEG4 and H.263 video at 15 fps. There’s a built in FM radio with support for MP3 playback, though you’re going to want to invest in a MicroSD card for your tunes to go along with the handset, as it features only minimal storage space.

Connectivity options include Bluetooth 2.1, GSM and EDGE RX, with the lack of 3G or Wi-Fi suggesting this one will priced quite at quite a balance-friendly cost.

While it may not be a champion phone, the Champ is certainly a contender for your cash if you’re looking for touchscreen smarts on the cheap. Pick it up from June.

Gerald Lynch
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