Project Natal Xbox 360 motion controller to cost over £100?

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project natal ces.jpgWhile Microsoft have yet to commit to a price for their hotly-tipped motion controller Project Natal, they had previously suggested the Xbox 360 add-on could be as cheap as £50. However, hopes of a pocket-friendly Natal price have seemingly been dashed as expensive listings have popped up on Swedish websites.

Swedish retailers have marked Natal up at a cost of 1,499 SEK, which roughly converts to £133; three times as much as the rumoured Natal pricing floating around late last year.

While Scandinavian prices are notoriously high anyway, they certainly aren’t so far removed from the Pound so as to push the price up that much. At this rate Natal will cost somewhere in the region of at least £100 for UK consumers.

With the Natal launch event set for next month’s E3 games conference, here’s hoping the Swedish prices turn out to be little more than placeholder listings.

Via: Kotaku

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