JooJoo tablet creator slams the iPad

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JooJoo uk.jpgChandra Rathakrishna, creator of the iPad-rivalling JooJoo tablet, has laid into the new Apple tablet product on the day of its UK launch.

Rathakrishna highlighted the lack of Flash support in the iPad, something which is present in the JooJoo but caused controversy in it’s absence from the Apple product.

“JooJoo delivers the entire Internet – including Flash-based websites,” said the JooJoo boss. “That means you can play full versions of games, watch full-screen HD video and not have to be constrained within the ‘walled garden’ of the iPad environment.”

Rathakrishna was also dismissive of the buzz generated by the iPad’s high-profile launch in London this morning. “Every Apple product launch is great theatre,” he said, before admitting that “the attention they’ve brought to the tablet market is great.”

However Rathakrishna was less impressed with the prospect of iPad apps. “We don’t see the need for an app store. An app store sells stripped down versions of actual websites.”

Is the iPad just “another storage device with web capabilities” as Rathakrishna puts it? Or will the pretty convincing turn out at Apple’s flagship London store today prove it’s more than just a load of hype?

Gerald Lynch
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  • 2 Million iPad has been sold less than 60 days of its launch. Mr. JooJoo just insulted 2 million iPad consumers and counting. Perhaps Mr. JooJoo should be spending its effort on improving the product then being green with envy. Kinda pathetic don’t you think?

  • Here we go again,

    Joojoo is 1.1 KG heavy. Ipad is 680 grams. 420 grams heavier. that is almost 260 grams more to carry 2 iPad.

    iPad supports Kindle ebooks and Barnes & Noble ebooks
    too (with Kindle and B&N apps). so consumers previously that owned an ebook reader like kindle or Nook can actually view those books they purchased previously. iPad itself has an ibook app. If Joojoo is able to support that too?

    iPad have 2 options. 1 with 3G, another without. Joojoo only have 1 option. For IPad, I have the 3G not to worry surfing outdoor. For Joojoo, If I need to surf outdoor for example, am I supposed to use 3G HSDPA USB modem? If there is a driver supporting Joojoo OS?

    Both batteries are inbuilt.Cant remove and replace when juice is out. You don’t turn on IPad and off , is like phone, always on standby mode. a touch of button and ready to use. Mine not even close to 50% of battery life despite constant using it to play some games and surfing with 3G on the go. No charger at work as it required 10w adapter. I used it from morning 9.00am to coming home at night 9pm. How about Joojoo? If is going to be like iPad, dont need to turn ON and off when not in use? can the battery even last? the last time I read some reviews that Joojoo are supposed to last for an average of 4 Hours of usage. (then again Joojoo site lately indicated with Wifi surfing up to 5 hours)

    4GB vs 16 / 32 / 64 GB. Ever wonder how large size is a blueray Normal movie in mp4 format? estimated 2 to 2.3 GB. So that come to the next question. How many movies can we filled in?

    You know that those Instant messaging apps for IPad (Paid app) are designed in a way that people see you online all the time (Which you are not) and push an notification / content via email to you when people say hi. with that, I am 24 hours constantly connected to my MSN / FB Chat / Tweeter / ICQ / Googletalk / blah blah many more…. Joojoo possible?

    2nd hand Resale value ? Apple vs JooJoo

    GPS navigation + Compass + Google Map + many OEM GPS software ie. Tom Tom , PAPAGO ! , Synic etc for Iphone/Ipad. … JooJoo got GPS function?

    Im sorry …. If flash is the only thing you can talk about?

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  • I’m not worried about ads, they can be easily blocked with most browsers (especially Opera with its urlfilter ability)… i’m more concerned about functionality and amount of QUALITY and useful software.

  • Except that the iPad does so much more than access the Internet.

    And even for his ‘net-centric criticism, Apple has the advantage. For a device that is meant to work efficiently, having Flash enabled is a BAD thing. Why? Because on typical web sites, you are bombarded by Flash-based sidebar ads. The majority of Flash-usage by users on full computers is not for viewing a video or playing a game; it is for displaying those sidebar ads, whether you want to see them or not. Having that capability will choke the CPU and kill the battery. iPad and iPhones simply ignore such “involuntary” content and hum along efficiently, doing what the user actually wants to do. So Apple NOT supporting Flash is actually a huge unappreciated advantage for iPads (and iPhones) over competing mobile devices that support Flash.

    • How about websites that use flash to display their merchandise? What if I want to visit and order one of their desks or book shelves? I can’t do this on the ipad because the site uses flash to display their products. Don’t get me wrong, i love the device but until they get this flash thing straightened out i’m going to hold off on purchasing the device.

  • Well, can the joojoo store videos, movies and music like the iPad? Can it function as a ebook reader? What about the library of games available on the app store?

  • hes right

    i hate apps that just do what a website does

    hell diggs app is just a web browser anyway

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