BlackBerry tablet "confirmed", might not be very impressive

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bLACKBERRY-LOGO.jpgNewly uncovered details seem to confirm that a BlackBerry tablet is in the works. However, rather than a fully fledged, independent device, BlackBerry’s tablet looks to be an oversized add-on to their smartphone.

Stealing your BlackBerry’s Wi-Fi or 3G signal to connect to the web, the 8.9-inch slate will focus on multi-media playback and web-browsing. There will also be built-in Bluetooth support, but apart from that, if BGR’s report is accurate, not a lot else.

It really begs the question as to why RIM would go through the effort of producing such a niche item. While the massive BlackBerry user base may be enough to float the venture, I really can’t see too many people interested in a device which adds no major functionality to the smartphone it supports.

Gerald Lynch
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  • Blackberry should totally bring out a pad – they could get a huge market share with their current bold success

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