Avoid boring conversations with the Fake A Call iPhone app

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We’ve all been through it, been accosted by an old school “friend” at a pub or been asked to work a little later by our boss and have been wishing for an excuse to whisk yourself away sharpish. Well now you can fake that excuse yourself with the Fake A Call iPhone app!

Fire up the app and you can choose a fake voice to have a conversation with. When things get awkward, hit the fake a call button and your iPhone will launch the incoming-call screen, with all the same details that you get from a real call. Then, chat away with your fake-call “pal” and make your excuses with the real world bore.

Its one drawback for UK users is that currently all the voices have an American accent, which is fine if you have loads of pals or business contacts across the pond, but may seem a little suspect otherwise.

The app costs £0.59 with more voices and scripts available at additional cost. Check it out here.

Gerald Lynch
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