Teenager to ski to the North Pole … for a Foursquare badge!

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I’ve heard of people going out of their way for a Foursquare badge, but this is ridiculous. 15 year-old Parker Liautaud hopes to be the first person in the world to check into Foursquare (the popular location game/social networking iPhone app mash-up) at the North Pole.

As if being one of the youngest people to ever ski to the North Pole wasn’t enough, the son of billionaire Business Objects co-founder Bernard Liautard will also earn the Last Degree badge, specially created by the Foursquare team for his expedition.

Liautaud apparently attends the prestigious Eton College, once home to Prince Harry and Prince William. With an education like that you’d think he’d have a bit more common sense really, wouldn’t you? But it’s all for a good cause, as he is is trying to raise awareness about and funds for environmental issues facing the Arctic.

I’m guessing fund raising days at Eton with chocolate Rice Krispie cakes and a tombola would all seem a bit tame for billionaire heirs then?

Check out Parker Liautaud’s Facebook page for his trip here, and check out how his preparations are going in the YouTube clip above.

Gerald Lynch
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