Samsung considering Android-based Google TVs

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google tv.jpgSamsung are said to be considering developing a new line of TVs that would run Google’s Android OS.

After successfully launching their brand new range of 3D TVs, which have completely sold out in the company’s home territory of Korea, the Korean Herald is now reporting that an unidentified Samsung executive has said that: “we are considering Google TVs. We are examining the business feasibility of Google TVs.”

Sony have suggested similar plans, with another Samsung executive suggesting if Sony’s Android screens came into production and proved successful that their own hand would then be forced.

A TV running Android throws up some very interesting possibilities. Internet connected, users would likely have access to a large range of Android Marketplace apps and web content. However, Samsung already have their own internet-connected TV platform, Internet@TV, a very capable system in its own right.

Samsung have already in the past showed interest in the potential of mobile platforms making the jump to the big screen. Samsung’s vice president Kim Kyeong-hyun has previously said that he believes “(Apple and Google) will help expand the TV market.”

Gerald Lynch
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