Samsung 3D TVs hit John Lewis

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3d tv samsung john lewis.jpgThe wait is over for 3DTV in the UK, with John Lewis today offering Samsung’s first 3DTV to their customers.

Around £1800 will bag you the 40 inch UE40C7000 LED TV. To get you up and running with some 3D content before you leave the shop, John Lewis also have on sale the Samsung C6900 3D Blu-ray player (£349), Monsters vs Aliens on 3D Blu-ray with two pairs of active shutter glasses for £149, and a v1.4 3D ready HDMI cable for £49.95.

Grab the TV and the Blu-ray player together and John Lewis will throw in the glasses and film for nowt.

“I believe there will be a really strong future as programme makers, the gaming industry and the movie industry (in the form of 3D Blu-ray titles) all see 3D as a great way to enhance the value of their content. It gives their customers a vastly improved viewing experience”, says John Kempner, buyer for vision at John Lewis. “I can see a time when all large screen TVs (above 32in) sold by John Lewis will be 3D-ready – possibly in about two to three years time”.

It’ll be interesting to see whether demand matches the hype, and as we’ve said before, a lot rides on how quickly and in what quantity broadcasters can start delivering quality 3D TV content.

Gerald Lynch
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