Research shows a whopping 68 million unused mobile phones in the UK

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mobile mountain.jpgNew research from has revealed that Britain is sitting on a mountain of as many as 68 million unused or unwanted mobile phones.

A sample study of 1,332 past and present mobile owners showed that two thirds (65%) of the UK have at least unused mobile phone cluttering up the house homes. Almost a fifth (19%) admitted to having as many as three or more unused mobiles.

Keir McConomy, MD of, commented, “It is apparent that the majority of UK consumers haven’t thought about what to do with their old mobiles once they stop using them, and as such don’t know the potential value they hold. Far more than just taking up space around the house, these phones are in fact a wasted source of money with the plethora of websites and companies willing to give you cold, hard cash for recycling your old phone.”

With the average exchange price of an unwanted mobile sitting at around £25, that adds up to a massive £1.7 billion worth of unwanted blowers waiting to be cashed in.

You might want to start digging around for that dusty old Nokia 3210!

Gerald Lynch
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