Nokia website countdown to reveal the N8 launch?

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nokia n8 countdown.jpg
There are some interesting goings-on over at Nokia’s Everyone Connect page. Fire up the URL and you’ll be presented with a countdown timer which ends at 9am GMT tomorrow. Could Nokia be about to officially unveil the N8?

The flagship Symbian ^3 phone has been rumoured to break cover at some point this month, and with the launch of MeeGo just around the corner, it may prove to be one of the last major “hurrahs” for the Symbian ^3 platform.

Nokia are also launching the Carpe Diem Daily app tomorrow, a new “life-enriching” mobile program that Nokia have yet to go into much detail on.

Whatever the two launches turn out like tomorrow, we’ll be on hand with all the news. So check back, you hear?

Gerald Lynch
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