Microsoft unveil Windows Live Messenger Wave 4

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Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer has lifted the lid on the latest version of Windows Live Messenger, dubbed “Wave 4“.

Better video chat, photo sharing, social network and cloud integration are top of the agenda in this latest revamp, Ballmer told Universidad de Sao Paulo students at a preview yesterday.

The new Messenger Connect feature demonstrates this new emphasis on web-browsing with Windows Live Messenger Wave 4. Much like Facebook Connect, it allows Messenger to integrate with websites so you can chat about and share them with your friends. It also allows users to send messages from the client directly to Facebook.

HD video chat is also included, alongside new tabbed conversation windows. They’re two big features Messenger has been missing for a while now, with tabbed windows in particular coming as great relief to those who’s chatty friends mean they often have many flashing Messenger conversations going at once.

There’s also a Windows Phone 7 and iPhone version of Wave 4 in the works, alongside further Live updates for Hotmail.

Expect a beta version of the software to touch down in the Summer.

Gerald Lynch
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