LG OLED TV headed to the UK

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LG OLED TV anglesLG are set to launch their 15EL9500 OLED TV in the UK this Spring. Measuring in at 15 inches, it’ll be the biggest OLED TV available to consumers when it launches later this month.

At a mere 3mm in depth, LG’s OLED TV has an impressive contrast ratio of 10,000,000: 1, made all the more richer by OLED technology not requiring a backlight.

HD ready up to resolutions of 720p, the USB port-equipped TV features LG’s TruMotion 100Hz technology for smooth fast-paced visuals and comes with Freeview built in.

Stephen Gater, Head of Marketing LG Home Entertainment Company, commented, “OLED really is the future of television screens and LG is proud to be the market leader when it comes to this breakthrough technology.  This week marks the first time the LG OLED is displayed in the UK and we’re confident this innovative and style-conscious set will grab the attention of anyone looking for the next top-of-the-line gadget.’

No word on pricing yet, but we’ll keep you posted.

Gerald Lynch
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