Karma Tester app launches for the iPhone

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Karma app.jpgFeeling like your Zen/Chi/Lifeline (delete as applicable) is a little unaligned today? Then check out Little Worlds Studio’s Karma Tester iPhone app.

The app lets you check out your compatibility levels with friends, parents, classmates and associates, and discover which animal most fits your personality.

Translating your name into Chinese and showing you the correct way to write it out in Chinese calligraphy script, the app can connect to your Facebook account to discover which of your contacts is your true soul mate, and who’d be better off “unfriended”.

Karma Tester is available today on the App Store for £0.59. Pick it up here.

Gerald Lynch
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  • Oh my gosh!!!!! Hi love this app!
    It’s awesome! I tested my compatibility with couple of folks and call them with cool nicknames such as ‘Simple feet’ ! My name means beautiful apricot tree and My Facebook wall looks crazy now!

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