HP Slate with HDMI, 1.6 GHz Atom processor, style support, webcam and USB… $549

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2010-04-05slatespecs.jpgThis “leaked” image, supposedly from an internal presentation document, shows how HP reckons its Slate measures up against the iPad.

It also confirms some unreleased specs about HP’s mystery offering. It’ll be busting a 1.6Ghz processor, which HP seems to think is an advantage, though it won’t be really as the Slate is running a touch veneered version of Windows 7 — at best it’ll be a smidgen faster than netbook pace, ie…sluggish.

If it’s running Android (which it isn’t (though you could definitely get it to)) it might be a significant advantage. Handwriting recognition also seems to be en-route, which might be nice for some people — though we’ve never ever seen it as a function that actually functioned.

The screen is an 8.9″ WSVGA captacitive display supported by an Intel UMA graphics card that should allow 1080p playback.

There is also a conventional SIM card tray, which might allow you to use your smartphone’s SIM to access 3G on the go — that’d be sweet. This is also an inward facing VGA webcam, a glaring omission from the iPad, and an outward facing 3MP camera.

The HP Slate’s battery life however, doesn’t compare to Apple’s monumental 10 hours, piddling in with a measly five hours. Though in fairness, that’s still quite long. Portswise HP is chucking in a USB and HDMI as well as a memory card reader.

HP are clearly throwing down the gauntlet to Apple and are certainly going to syphon off some of iPad’s market share when this baby hits the shelves. Though with the iPad’s trump card, the iBookstore, wedged firmly in full view, and no information as yet how the HP Slate intends to rival that functionality we’re sure to be hearing more about the Slate soon.

This round goes to HP. But they’re still eight rounds down on the scorecards.

[Via Engadget]
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