Hack lets Android dual-boot with with regular OS on iPhone

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Android fans and iPhone-owning Google sympathisers may want to pay particular attention to this post. David Wong, a young Canadian coder has pulled off a feat of software-hacking mastery by getting his iPhone to dual-boot the Android OS alongside Apple‘s regular operating system.

Wong documented the whole process in the video above, which involved using a bootloader to get a Linux kernel onto the handset. Once up and running with Android, Wong shows off connecting to a Wi-Fi network, sending text messages, web browsing and even voice calling.

Due to the lack of hardware buttons on an iPhone he’s had to re-purpose the up and down volume controls to Android’s home and call buttons.

Hacked on an iPhone 2G, Wong reckons getting the OS onto a 3G wouldn’t be all that difficult. Getting Android onto an iPhone 3GS however poses a more complex problem though, he believes.

Gerald Lynch
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