Gallery: Kick Ass game headed to the iPhone

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Kick Ass, the smash hit graphic novel and summer blockbuster, is all set to hit the iPhone this coming April 17th in the shape of an ultra violent, ultra funny brawler.

Kick-Ass is a fully 3D action fighting game set in the third-person perspective, with gamers able to play as the three primary characters in the film – Kick-Ass, Hit Girl, and Big Daddy. The story-driven game will follow the highs and lows of the world’s most unlikely superheroes, and wont shy away from giving the bad-guys a good kicking in the process.

“We are excited to provide players a closer look at the gameplay and characters involved in Kick-Ass,” said Howard Horowitz, Founder and CEO of WHA Entertainment, Inc. “Kick-Ass is set to deliver non-stop superhero action to gamers, and what could be more fun than getting to play as one of the three super heroes based on the super characters featured in the movie?”

While you’re waiting to pick up the Kick Ass game from the iTunes store (priced £2.99 and available from April 17th) why not check out our gallery of bloody pics from the game below?

Gerald Lynch
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