First HD TV and HD audio … now introducing HD voice, courtesy of XConnect

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xconnect thumb.jpgWe’ve had HD TV and HD audio, and next on the list of old tech to get the high-definition makeover is voice calling.

XConnect are offering a high-definition voice trial through their IP-peering federation to several US operators. The aim is to highlight how simply and securely operators can deliver HD voice services across networks.

So what does HD voice calling actually sound like? According to the press release:

“Fixed, mobile and Web 2.0 service providers increasingly are adopting HD voice because it enables superior-quality voice communications compared with those supported by the legacy PSTN. HD voice reproduces human speech with substantially greater clarity, depth and nuance, using codecs that capture more than double the frequency range of traditional circuit-switched calls while generally requiring less bandwidth. The rich, natural-sounding quality of HD voice calls often is likened to that of face-to-face conversations.”

“We are pleased to offer HD voice operators a simple and secure way to take advantage of the great potential this advanced service offers,” said XConnect CEO Eli Katz.

“The XConnect federation-based, all-IP Interconnect 2.0 platform is ideally suited for providing a scalable method for interconnection of HD and multimedia services on a cross-network basis. This will drive mass-market adoption and deliver increased usage, revenue and margin whilst reducing churn.”

OK, so it’s all a bit bogged down in tech-jargon, but what it really means is we’re one small step closer to crystal clear voice calls. Which can obviously only be a good thing.

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Gerald Lynch
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