Facebook Lite closes its doors

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facebook lite thumb.jpgFacebook Lite has been shut down by Facebook, after going live just recently in September of last year.

The service was intended to offer a low-bandwidth version of the social network. It stripped Facebook back to its basics (status updates, wall posts and photo uploads) and removed some of the more data-intensive functions such as apps.

“We’re no longer supporting it, but learned a lot from the test of a slimmed-down site,” read a post on the Lite Facebook fan page.

So why close the service? Well it’s likely that demand just wasn’t that great; with myriad bandwidth saving apps and Facebook Mobile all available, as well as the growing speeds of internet connections worldwide, the majority of Facebook users just simply prefer the full-fat flavour.

That said though, the Facebook Lite fan page has a hefty 69,198 fans, so maybe a few tears will be shed after all.

Gerald Lynch
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