Dell Flash, Thunder and Smoke Android handsets leak too!

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dell leak phones.jpgQuite the day for Dell leaks; first the Lightning handset, then the Looking Glass tablet PC and now three smartphones. The Dell Thunder, Smoke and Flash handsets have now also leaked. It’s all starting to sound a bit like a Thin Lizzy tribute from Dell!

With all three phones running the Android OS, lets start off with the Dell Thunder. This one looks pretty much the same as the Dell Lightning we revealed earlier, except that it’s running Android instead of the Windows Phone 7 OS. So there’s that same cool-looking 4.1 inch WVGA OLED screen and QWERTY slider, and also the possibility of an 8 MP camera and Flash 10.1 support. A Q4 release is expected for the Thunder.

Next up is the curious Smoke. Dell themselves are calling it “non-conforming”, and it’s thin candybar shape and QWERTY keyboard nestled underneath are certainly unusual. The display is a 2.8 inch QVGA number, with the whole unit just 12mm thick. An 800MHz Qualcomm CPU is running the show, with a 5MP camera, HSPA, MicroSD, noise cancelling mics and Bluetooth 2.1 all set for inclusion.

Lastly the Flash, which will apparently be more of a mid-range offering. Again there is an 800MHz Qualcomm CPU, a 5MP camera, HSPA, MicroSD and noise cancelling mics, but with Bluetooth 3.0. An LCD display features at 3.5-inches across, running at WVGA resolution. Expect this one in Q2 2011.

All three phones will have Dell’s Stage UI running on top of Android 2.2. While little details are available on their re-skinning right now, Dell promise extensive Facebook and Twitter functionality, as well as an integrated Hulu app and Swype as a replacement for a touchscreen keyboard. We’ll see how that shapes up when Stage launches in Q4 of this year.

No word on pricing yet, or whether they’ll make it to the UK either.

Via: Engadget

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