Apple's iPad becomes this year big April Fools joke


Apparently it is April 1st today which means the web is awash with April Fools gags. And once again there have been some corkers this year.

The butt of most people’s techno jokes, is unsurprisingly, and maybe a little unfairly, the Apple iPad. The Cnet crew has an exclusive interview with cockernee barra boy turned Apple senior designer Jonny Ive on how the iPad started off as huge joke, except it was one that Steve Jobs fell for.

Also taking the mickey out of the iPad is Iwoot which runs with the theory that the iPad is just an iPod touch which has overdosed on the pies. It has an iPhone to iPad dock, which magically turns an iPhone into an iPad! Using a touch-screen magnifier, your iPhone screen is enlarged to the exact dimensions of an iPad. Very smart!

Adagio Teas who? have also been ribbing the iPad with their iPad thermometer, which tells you how hot your tea is and emails you when it hits the right temperature.

Toshiba has seemingly gone a bit April Fool bananas. It has two gags – Scentvisons which automatically fills your head with the scent of the programme you are watching when you don 3D glasses and The Tube Top, an inflatable laptop designed to be used in the bath.

Google is also displaying a sense of humour in announcing that it has just launched Google translate for animals so you can work out what your mutt is trying to tell you.


Then there’s Recruitwit, a site which checks your employer compatibility from your digital footprint. There’s more on it here. Actually someone is probably already working on that one.


The other one that is so close to the bone that it could just be true comes from Intego which is introducing edible packaging across its range of Mac security tools.

According to the release

The boxes will come in two flavors: the company’s VirusBarrier X6 box will be bacon-flavored, and its Internet Security Barrier X6 box will be roast chicken-flavored. In addition, each box will include packets of low-fat, low-salt, naturally-flavored salad dressing: French dressing for VirusBarrier X6, and blue-cheese dressing for Internet Security Barrier X6. Standard license boxes, good for protecting up to two Macs, will contain two packets of salad dressing; family pack boxes, which protect up to five Macs, will contain five packets.

What does scare me slightly is that buried among the gags are a few ideas that one day we’ll probably see. Which brings me neatly back to the Cnet story

Please let it be noon soon.

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