Twitter website rolls out location info integrated with tweets

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twitter map.jpgIt’s been on the cards for a while, but Twitter has finally added geo-location features within Users can now opt in to have the Tweets they send from the website attach location-based information to their micro-blogging messages.

While users of third-party apps like Foursquare and Tweetie have been able to enjoy the benefits of location features for some time now, this is the first time Twitter themselves have entered the geo-tagging fray. With location based features set to be a big trend this year, and with Facebook looking to roll out their own location features next month it, looks as though Twitter are trying to get one step ahead of the game.

In terms of the how the new feature itself works, its a pretty simple add-on. After agreeing to share your location information (which may be a little too easy to do, particularly for kids) a small location icon will appear next to each tweets byline. Clicking it will bring up Google Maps, displaying your location.

What do you think of Twitter’s latest additions? The future of communications? Or a security worry that you’ve thus far avoided with Foursquare et al?

Let us know.

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