Sony launch ICF‑C717PJ clock radio with built-in projector

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Sony have launched the ICF-C71PJ clock radio. Not content with just waking you in the morning with the sounds of FM static, the clock also features an adjustable projector which will throw a digital time display onto the walls of your bedroom.

As well as the projector, the ICF-C717PJ has all the other features you’d usually come to expect from a clock radio. There’s an FM/AM digital tuner, input for an MP3 player, five different sets of soothing nature sounds and a room temperature thermometer.

The clock’s LCD display has adjustable brightness controls, so you can keep it down low if you find its blue glow a bit eerie during the night. There is also a back-up battery to ensure your alarm always wakes you up, even in the event of a mains power failure.

In Sony’s own words the ICF-C71PJ is “so much more than just a clock radio”. Well, if you consider the niche need for a clock radio/projector double act to be “so much more than a clock radio” then that’s fine, but we’re still a little unconvinced.

Gerald Lynch
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