Nintendo DSi XL: On sale now!

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If your hands are of the sausage-fingered variety and you’re finding it hard work getting around an average sized Nintendo DS or DSi, you’ll be pleased to hear that the chunky Nintendo DSi XL hits UK stores today.

The DSi XL features two oversized 4.2 inch screens, a massive jump from the original’s 3.25 inch displays. From our quick play with the unit, the bump up in screen size makes the DSi XL’s lower touch-screen far more finger friendly, meaning its not the end of the world if you lose its now larger included stylus.

You can pick up the Nintendo DSi XL from all good games retailers today, priced around the £150 mark. Play are also offering some pretty good deals on the unit, bundling in a game too for just about £165.

Gerald Lynch
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  • Sooo they nickel and dime to bigger or more colors but I’m a sucker for these games. Best: Ace Attorney but they stopped making it, of course since I really practiced arguments and learned. I love all the games from ubisoft since I learned so much. The drama games gave me a sense of how to get along with people, love the little sea creatures that sing…can hardly wait to buy the maroon xl and brown: great colors and games too bad you can’t wire it to a tv to play biggest! Hey, I can tell you more but I’d be here forever. Luv ya anyway ds xl. What do you think?

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