Met Office now on mobile – though you could try looking up at the sky

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met office mobile.jpgGiven the Met Office‘s frankly lamentable performance predicting the weather recently you have to question what’s the point in launching a mobile version of their weather service. Frankly, you would probably get a better prediction looking up rather than down at your screen when you leave the house. At the very least, just pack an umbrella whatever the time of the year.

However, not content with launching an iPhone app, the Met Office has now announced Mobile Weather for mobile phones. Mobile Weather will allow users on demand access to the very latest weather information from the UK’s national weather service.

Mobile Weather is designed to be quick to load and easy to view on web enabled mobile phones. Available from these newly designed web pages feature local forecasts and observations along with weather warnings and mountain forecasts.

This latest service complements other ways of getting the latest information from the Met Office. In addition to visiting the website, the Met Office already provides news, job vacancies and warnings via RSS newsfeeds. Users can also get the latest weather using weather gadgets on Vista, Firefox and iGoogle or by following the Met Office on Twitter. Or you could look out the window.

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  • Looking out the window will of course give you an idea of what is happening right now, but only the Met Office can tell you what to expect during the rest of the day. A useful addition if you are heading out and about for the day!

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