Did the Motorola Milestone/Droid sell 1 million handsets faster than the iPhone?

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iphone droid chart.jpgFlurry, the company whose analytic tools are used in apps to count the number of unique iPhone and Android handsets in use, have today revealed that the Motorola Milestone/Droid is proving more popular than the original iPhone.

In its first 74 days on sale, Flurry have counted 1.05 million Milestone and Droid handsets sold, compared to 1 million iPhones sold over the same 74 day launch period.

Flurry note that increased awareness of the benefits of smartphones have helped sales of Motorola’s handset, effectively piggybacking off the back of Apple’s success with the App Store. Going on sale just before the Christmas rush also likely helped boost sales.

Note that this victory is over the original iPhone, and not the iPhone 3GS, however. The iPhone 3GS sold 1 million units in a miraculous 3 days, so Apple clearly win out there.

While Google will be pleased to hear their Android platform is now thriving, the same cannot be said about their Nexus One phone. A mere 135, 000 Nexus One handsets have been sold. While increased carrier support in the coming months will undoubtedly see this figure rise, Flurry suggested that it “may go down as a grand, failed experiment or one that ultimately helpes Google learn something that will prove important in years to come”.

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Gerald Lynch
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