Apple shift over 120,000 iPad pre-orders on day one

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iPad and the App Store
It may not have been welcomed with arms as open as Apple may have liked, but we’d imagine the Cupertino giants are sitting pretty this weekend after reportedly selling over 120,000 iPad pre-orders last Friday.

Sales of the cheaper Wi-Fi model made up the majority of that figure, likely as that’s the one sooner to get into the hands of impatient consumers. Interestingly , there was an even spread of sales across the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models, despite the price increase across each. Looks like we’re willing to shell out for the extra space these days.

120,000 iPads sold translates into roughly $75 million in revenue for Apple. Considering most of those customers have never even touched an iPad, it shows a lot of faith in the Apple brand.

Via: Slash Gear

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