Stop dreaming, start saving: personal jetpacks become a reality

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Martin Jetpack.jpgA great story coming in from The Sun today; personal jetpacks are on their way, and will set you back £50,000. That’s a fairly reasonable price to pay for some sci-fi wish fulfillment if you ask me.

The Martin Aircraft Company are behind the jetpack, which has now secured enough investment to go into commercial-scale production of the gear.

The packs have been masterminded by inventor Glenn Martin who unveiled his machine for the first time in July 2009. He said to The Sun that “This could be life-saving stuff. For us this is an excellent commercial step. We have somebody who is willing to put £8m on the table because they believe there is a sizeable market in their country.”

Capable of travelling 30 miles in 30 minutes on a full tank of fuel, recent tests have seen the latest model reach heights of up to 2,400 metres and top speeds of 60mph.

Plenty of real world uses here, including everything from emergency services support to eye-in-the-sky mobile sports coverage. Best start saving those pennies.

Gerald Lynch
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  • This is great. Something happened to the kids in the 1950’s which made them dream of personal jet packs and [in my mothers case] personal hover crafts. What has happened to our sense of wonder? There will be rich kids out there who will be given their personal jet pack for christmas and it will end up in the barn with all their other redundant technology. Get Dreamy Nation !

  • It’s all fun and games until the first guy whose jetpack forgets to keep the up-side up.

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