Spotify's Related Artists tab gets an overhaul

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Thumbnail image for spotifygghg.jpgSpotify’s Related Artists tab was one of the music streaming app’s only shortcomings. Recommendations were either a bit obvious or not very much like what you’d hope to find based on the artist you were currently listening to.

Today that’s all set to change however as the service gets re-worked to help you better find new music you’ll love. By cross-referencing the millions of tracks listened to every day and figuring out who like what, Spotify is now better equipped to serve you an appropriate new artist to sink your teeth (or should that be ears?) into.

Erik Bernhardsson, Spotify developer and project leader, spoke of the new feature: “Artist recommendations have been fine-tuned meaning music fans can now dig down much deeper into the Spotify catalogue.

“Improving the way in which Spotify users can discover exciting new artists and music in general, such as by sharing playlists, will play a vital part in Spotify’s continuing evolution. This is only the beginning.”

The service has already gone live, so why not give it a try?

Gerald Lynch
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