MWC 2010: Sonim XP2 Spirit phone launched for Ray Mears wannabes

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If you’re big on extreme sports or just prone to regular bouts of butter fingered-ness then the Sonim XP2 Spirit, launched at MWC today, could save you a shed load on insurance.

Sonim are no strangers to making rugged phones, but this one is built like a tank. Its 2 inch screen is protected by 1.5mm of “Gorilla Glass”, which we can only presume is primate-proof. It features a magnesium core similar to the build seen in golf balls (which, when you stop to think about it, take a bloody good hiding), meaning it can officially withstand drops of 2 meters.

If you’re doing a round trip from the boiling centre of the earth to the freezing Antarctic, you’ll be pleased to hear the XP2 Spirit can withstand temperatures up to 55C and as low as -20C, whilst being able to hold its own for an hour in 1 metre of water.

It’s not the prettiest phone of all time, but each of its keys can withstand up to 850,000 presses, and as the first Sonim phone to feature 3G, that’ll last you a fair few emails at least.

The Sonim XP2 Spirit is out next month, and comes with an unnecessarily generous 3 year guarantee.

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  • I see that this has been re-released and now has a software update and the traditional Sonim screws on the battery cover. Just Pre-ordered mine from enduro mobile website. PS Ive been waiting ages for this phone!

  • During PEPCOM at the Mobile World Congress, eight tech reporters put Sonim’s newest phone, the Spirit XP2, through a torture test. Our company worked with them to produce videos of the tests. You can check them out here!

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