MWC 2010: Nokia and Intel team up for new MeeGo mobile OS

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meego.jpgAt the centre of Nokia and Intel’s joint MWC 2010 press conference this morning was the news that the two companies are to team up to deliver a brand new mobile operating system. Called MeeGo, the new OS replaces Nokia’s Maemo and Intel’s Moblin systems.

It’s not limited just to phones however; the plan is for MeeGo to migrate onto internet tablets, internet connected TVs, sat navs and low-power Intel netbooks too.

Though Maemo will be fairly rapidly phased out, Nokia’s developers will be guided through the process of porting their apps to the new OS. Likewise, Intel are making all Moblin apps forward compatible for the new platform.

“Maemo will merge into MeeGo with no delays” Kai Oistamo said, revealing that apps bought on one MeeGo device will be able to migrate onto new Meego gear at no extra cost. “We’re not operating in a walled garden,” Oistamo said, a certain knock towards Apple’s stringent policies.

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