MWC 2010: HTC Bravo becomes the HTC Desire

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HTC Desire.jpgThe rumoured HTC Bravo handset has been revealed and it’s now strutting its stuff under the new HTC Desire name.

The Desire is basically a HTC branded version of Google’s Nexus One, which HTC themselves had a hand in designing. In terms of hardware differences there are new tactile buttons near the bottom of the handset, with the trackball replaced by an optical version.

But the main difference lies in the re-skinning of the Android 2.1 OS. In the Desire you have the excellent Sense UI, powered by a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, and new interface tweaks such as the “Helicopter View” homescreens and social network aggregator FriendStream.

It’s all displayed on a slick OLED screen, measuring up at 3.7 inches.

This one will be hitting stores in Q2, with a guesstimated price of around £480.

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