Motorola to become two independent companies

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milestone.jpg2011 will see Motorola split into two independent companies. The two divisions will be split between mobile phones and set top boxes on one side, and Motorola’s corporate services on the other.

While the mobile company will retain the Motorola name, the new enterprise company will license the Motorola name from the mobile arm. The mobile division will be headed up by Sanjay Jha, whilst Greg Brown will be chief executive of the other company.

Motorola’s mobile business had begun to stagnate after the high that was the Motorola Razr, though the mobile company has recently found renewed success thanks to praise poured onto the Motorola Milestone and Motorola Backflip handsets.

“The board of directors supports the planned separation of Motorola into two industry-leading public companies,” said David Dorman, chairman of Motorola’s Board of Directors. “We believe this structure provides significant operational and strategic flexibility for both companies, positions them for future success, and enhances long-term shareholder value.”

Proof that their star is once again rising, Motorola recently bought a high-profile advertising slot at the Superbowl, in which a bathing Megan Fox revealed the new Motorola Devour handset.

Gerald Lynch
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