iPad will boost PSP sales, says Sony rep


ipad psp.jpgI’m still trying to figure out the logic behind this one. Sony’s John Koller believes that having the iPad as a major rival in the handheld console territory will actually increase sales of Sony’s machine.

Unlike Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata who out-and-out dismissed the iPad as a worthwhile gaming console, Koller believes that the iPad will act as a casual stepping stone from the tablet to Sony’s handheld.

“Apple’s entrance into the portable gaming space has been a net positive for Sony … when people want a deeper, richer console, they start playing on a PSP.”

Consider this fact though: since the iPhone’s first launch in 2007, PSP sales have “nearly tripled”. Is the release of killer titles like God of War Chains of Olympus, GTA: Chinatown Wars and new versions of the handheld console the answer, or something more…sinister…?

Gerald Lynch

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