Flash-touting JooJoo tablet shipping this month

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joojoo.jpgRemember the Crunch Pad? Well, it’s back under the new JooJoo moniker, and it ships this month. The JooJoo had us quite excited before the iPad launch, and it still looks to be healthy competition for Apple’s tablet.

For a start, the JooJoo has the bigger screen of the pair (12 inches to the iPad’s 9.7). But perhaps most enticing of all is that the JooJoo will feature full Flash support, and even Flash HD when Flash 10.1 comes out.

If apps are the deal breaker for you, JooJoo has that covered too. Chandra Rathakrishnan, CEO of makers Fusion garage has promised “a bigger app store than Apple, because we have the full Internet”.

And all for the same $499 price tag as the iPad.

If you’re tempted, click here for more info on what the JooJoo can offer.

Gerald Lynch
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