Brain-wave reading headphones from Toshiba may let you play games with mind control

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Toshiba brainwave headphones.jpgIn the deepest, darkest laboratories of Toshiba HQ, teams of developers have been secretly working on brain-wave reading mind control headphones, and they plan to use them to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

Well, not really, obviously. But they do plan on doing some rather crazy things with them.

These sure aren’t the headphones your parents told you about. Each pair are equipped with a built-in brain-wave sensor and Bluetooth set-up which, when paired with the appropriate PC software, allows you to monitor your brain activity.

As the software lets you monitor your brain in real time, there is even talk of being able to use the headphones to translate brain signals into input commands for games. You hear that? Mind-controlled games!

The tech is almost ready for release, though Toshiba aren’t yet sure if they will be commercially available. As it stands, I’d imagine these would be more useful in the healthcare sector, at least for the time being.

Call me a sissy, but mind control headphones sound a little too “creepy Matrix stuff” rather than cool “Star Wars force power stuff” for me. I’d rather stick with a pair of regular noise cancelling ones, thank you very much.

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