Bambuser – real-time video streaming from your mobile

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Bambuser.JPGBambuser is an innovative live service which allows its users to stream video content from their mobile phones or webcams to anywhere on the web in real time. It lets your friends check out exactly what you’re doing, as you’re doing it, and can be incorporated directly into your Twitter or Facebook stream.

Bambuser began life as a university project, in which a student was looking to give his long-distance girlfriend a tour of his dorm room over the web.

With the demand for immediate information growing thanks to the popularity of sites like Twitter, Bambuser looks a handy tool for keeping on top of the fast world of personal and worldwide news.

For more info and to pick up the app, click here.

Gerald Lynch
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  • Last night at the disco a nice looking gal was trying to put that thing in to use. She seemed to be having really hard time getting connected.

  • I can only imagine what kind of dirty videos will appear live. Anyway, I hope people won’t abuse the service too much.

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