Apple iTunes store hits the 10 billionth download mark

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itunes 10 billion.jpgThe Apple iTunes store is now 10 billion downloads old! After a two week countdown, the milestone has been reached, which also awards one lucky customer a $10,000 Apple gift card.

“iTunes changed the way you buy music, making songs and albums available for download, day or night. Seven years later, we’re about to celebrate our biggest milestone for music, yet — 10 billion songs downloaded,” said Apple on its website in the run up to the milestone.

Apple also revealed that the most popular band in iTunes history is the Black Eyed Peas, with two tracks in the top 20 all-time downloads chart. The most popular artist is Lady Gaga, with three tracks. Lady Gaga’s position is particularly telling; only hitting the worldwide music scene in the last two or so years, it shows how rapidly the iTunes store has grown in recent times.

10,000,000,000 downloads is a massive figure, showing just how important a figure in the record industry Apple has become since iTunes first launched in 2003.

Gerald Lynch
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