CES 2010: Skype 720p HD video calls headed to LG and Panasonic TVs

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You can get Skype on a whole host of gadgets these days; what began as a great way to video conference between PCs has grown to cater for also mobile and home phones. Add to that ever growing list TVs then, as Skype prepare to integrate with a new range of LG and Panasonic screens to bring video calling to the living room.

High-def webcams are set to be bundled in with the new lines of internet TVs on the way from LG and Panasonic, making 720p HD Skype video calls possible in front of the telly

The TV’s will support all of Skype’s standard features, such as free Skype-to-Skype calls, inbound calls and voicemail.

PC users will also be able to go high-def with their video calls, and thanks to new webcams from faceVision and In Store Solutions complete with onboard processing, even underpowered netbooks and laptops will be able to handle the high-def content.

Check the video above for the low-down from the Skype crew.

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