MSI tablet set to go head to head with the iPad

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msi tablet.jpgYou cant fault their bravery, but come on MSI, revealing the launch of a ten-inch, £300 tablet in the wake of the massive iPad announcements isn’t the best idea of all time, is it?

Not that the MSI offering doesn’t have a lot going for it. In fact, it looks very capable indeed. It looks set to be an Nvidia Tegra-based tablet, running Android with wireless support, and capable of doing pretty much anything your netbook can.

Sounds good for graphic-intensive gaming and multi-tasking alike. Hear that Jobs? MULTI-TASKING.

Expect to see MSI’s as-yet-unnamed tablet in stores after the summer.

Via: DigiTimes

Gerald Lynch
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  • “Can someone explain to me how you use the Windows 7 interface on a 10” tablet? “

    The answer is, you don’t. At least on the MSI tablet, which runs Android (Google’s Linux distribution for mobile phones). Android means lower memory and power requirements, and all the apps are written in Java.

  • Also, it does have a software keyboard. But none of this is relevant to the MSI tablet because it runs on Android, not Windows.

  • Alright, the glossy coatings have to stop. It’s pretty for about a day, then you get used to it and have to continuously wipe your finger grease off it every five minutes.

    That is just abhorrently poor design.

  • Can someone explain to me how you use the Windows 7 interface on a 10″ tablet? Let’s say for Web browsing? Are we seriously comparing something where you get out a little pen and point it at tiny 1/4″ or smaller scroll bars and links a comparison? Is there an adaptive on-screen keyboard for typing? Windows-based tablets have failed for years because they weren’t designed to be used as tablets. With *fingers*.

    • Windows 7 has multi-touch capability, so it is actually very capable of being used on a tablet (with fingers). It supports gestures and even has handwriting recognition, so you can just write stuff out with a stylus or your finger and it converts it to editable text fairly nicely.

  • ‘massive’ only because it has “apple” as it’s maker.



    • Um, “an” is used when the next word begins with a vowel.

      Last time I checked, “n” is not a vowel.

      • It’s not a hard and fast rule regarding a and an. It has far more to do with the sound of the first letter and not what it actually is. Nvidia is pronounced “en vidia” pretty much everywhere and thus it should in fact be an. Just like how you give an honest effort, not a honest effort. The H isn’t pronounced, the first sound is that of a vowel.

      • I supposed you got “a” F in grammar. (because you probably don’t get it, it would be an eff… The names of letters aren’t pronounced buy the sound they make. Vowel sound not actual vowel.

  • With just this short bit, I’m more interested in this than I am with the oversized iPod Touch that the iPad essentially seems to be, though whether that makes me interested or just another level of indifferent remains to be seen…

    Also, I believe that it isn’t MIS’s tablet, but MSI’s? Last line. Just a thought.

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