CES 2010: Twitter coming to Ford cars

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twitter ford.jpgIf texting and driving is bad, surely Twitter in-car is the alcohol of motoring digital no-nos? That’s not the case according to Ford’s Chief Exceutive Alan Mulally, who confirmed Twitter will be integrated into their in-car Sync system, and that it will be done with the utmost attention to safety.

Ford claim that by using the Sync system to connect up to a 3G-enabled mobile, motorists will be able to keep their hand on the wheel and their focus on the road rather than handsets. There’s also talk of voice-recognition input for tweeting, as well as having a sat-nav style voice read out incoming tweets to drivers.

US road safety group the AAA remain unconvinced however: “The more things that are going on in a vehicle, the more things that can distract a driver” a rep stated.

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